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    I am a Registered Dietitian specializing in School nutrition and Menu Planning Support.

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  • Menu Boredom

    Looking for a fresh set of eyes to get the students interested again?

  • Sponsor Application

    Need help making sense of the requirements and process of getting onto the National School Lunch Program?

  • Cn Jargon Translation

    All the talk about USDA, HACCP, NSLP, NSBP, meal pattern, components, production records, and CN Labels making your head spin?

  • Paperwork Overload

    Unable to find your desk under the stacks of production records, certification worksheets, menus, and HACCP logs?

  • Software Headaches

    Having trouble translating nutrition labels, calorie content, and trans fat grams into readable analysis reports?

What I can do for you

As a school nutrition dietitian, I partner with charter schools and small school districts in North Carolina to create efficient Child Nutrition programs customized with systems and menus that meet the approval of both the students AND the USDA.


Evaluate products and recipes for meal pattern compliance
Develop cycle menus that:

  • are compliant with USDA guidelines
  • help to make efficient use of inventory and space
  • meet the expectation of school’s population and parents

Interpret NSLP & NSBP meal patterns and the Certification process to develop a systematic plan of attack


Develop and maintain nutrition database of USDA-approved nutrient analysis software (proficient in NutriKids, MealsPlus and WebSmartt)
Complete biannual nutrient analysis promptly to meet October and March deadlines


Complete, review and submit Certification documents to DPI for approval.
Develop North Carolina-approved production record templates based on certified cycle menu.
Create standardized recipes to ensure menu compliance with each meal.
Organize recipes and required documentation for DPI reviews.


Provide staff training on Child Nutrition topics

  • Meal Patterns
  • Production Records
  • Offer v. Serve
  • Food Safety

Jill Marie Hively | RD, LDN, SNS

From early on in college, I’ve been drawn to the food service field of dietetics. While my peers longed for careers in a hospital setting, I had my eyes on the shiny stainless steel of industrial kitchen equipment. I didn’t know it then, but for me, school nutrition would come to be the perfect mix of problem-solving, data analysis, associate training, wellness promotion, and nutrition education.

Over the past decade, I’ve worked as the menu planning dietitian for programs as small as a single charter school to as large as more than 150 school site kitchens. Since the introduction of the new meal pattern, I’ve been involved in the process of menu certification of over a dozen programs here in North Carolina.

When I’m not helping schools make sense of the crazy world of Child Nutrition, you can find me around Apex with my boyfriend Jim and my basset hound Jenkins.

Let’s work together!